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Rejuvenate Your Skin follows all CDC guidelines. Mask, hand sanitizer, temperature and questionnaire are required for all clients before treatments.

Growing up as a baby boomer in the 70’s, Mindi Birkenholz was naturally drawn to an active lifestyle that included plenty of sunshine, good food and exercise. However, despite her healthy lifestyle, Mindi struggled with cystic acne which did not respond to conventional over-the-counter treatments. These frustrations lead her to pursue a six year study in various skin care products in hopes of finding a solution for her acne condition.

After years of reviewing medical journals to study the latest advancements in skin care, Mindi was successful. In her case it was a combination of Vitamin A therapies that finally reduced the inflammation and cured her condition. When friends and family began to notice the visible results of Mindi’s new-found cure, they began to ask for her advice. What started off as a plight to cure herself of acne eventually led Mindi into a new skin care career - "Aesthetics".

Mindi’s insatiable appetite for results oriented treatments, coupled with compassion for others struggling with acne, motivated her to assist others with their quest for flawless skin. She then enrolled in Aesthetic School with an emphasis on paramedical aesthetics.

While Mindi’s evolution to flawless skin was a journey based on an abundance of research and lots of trial and error; today, her expertise is fully appreciated by clients that have tried “everything” and, like her, are now desperate to achieve serious results in skin care.

Mindi believes that knowledge is power and after each client’s consultation, she educates them on healthy skin care practices before recommending a custom treatment plan that will not only meet her client’s skin-care goals, it will also accommodate their lifestyle and budget. Based on her evaluation, a series of one to six customized facials will be recommended and clients are encouraged to take home a starter kit of complimentary products to ensure they are compatible with a client’s skin before they invest in an entire home skin care regimen.

Mindi has carefully selected her product lines based on years of industry research (as opposed to media hype), and each line represents the gold star standard in its category. In addition, these products are not available over-the-counter to the general public. This is due to their powerful active ingredients which have been proven time and again to yield remarkable results.

Isn’t it time you loved the way your skin looks, and feels? Mindi looks forward to helping you make your aesthetic dreams come true. Call her today and you too can be on your way to a healthier new complexion and skin care wellness program guaranteed to get you looking your best at any age.

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